Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pride's Tyranny

More is lost from
Enforcing unity
Than granting
 ~ The Shah of Athabasca
Pride is such a tricky sin;
There's always some boss,
And qualities always matter,
To no practice maybe,
But not so much so in theory.
Huh? Allow me to explain:
This piece is presently my
Boss, idea how long
It'll take to finish, ...see?
However, should I decide
To finish it here, it's done.
Pride must be true freedom,
Or it'll guarantee you defeat.
Ultimately, your time ought
Not be based on your pride.
 - Victor Imari (9/11/2009)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Urban Roots and Secrets

If change is constant,
Yet goal is the same,
Then goal must be...
That constant change!

~ The Shah of Athabasca

How funny life works
When you work at it
Where you are is ideal
For where you came from
Even if you're born
To lose; you are not
Born just that! Yes
Priorities matter!!!
What forgives? Art?
Like hell it must!!!

Victor Imari (6/26/2009)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Peace is...with words.

We turn our futilities
Into dreams hopefully
Already in progress.

~ The Shah of Athabasca

Peace is...
Just without fear,
Letting go of gear,
Peace Is...
Putting it all together,
Even for the first time,
Here, hear and forever
Peace is it altogether.

- Victor Imari (01/15/2008)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Simple Truths

All most life's filtering junk for art,
Why should science be indifferent?
     ~ The Shah of Athabasca
Doubt checks ignorances,
Otherwise undetected and
Left unattended creative
Forces coalesce and win
Victorious resolutions.
What is significant
Is hardly arbitrary,
Any history of ideas
Precludes one liners
And talk ain't cheap.
    - Victor Imari (17/11/2007)

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Faith is everything that you do,
As much as something you have.

~ The Shah of Athabasca

Some people
Love belief,
Some people
Believe love,
I believe love's

- Victor Imari (20/10/2007)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


If (and when) you look back,
To what was magnificent....,
The tragedies become dramas,
And then, maybe even comedy.

- The Shah of Athabasca

You have to love
Your creations:

You are an actor
In God's play;

You are anything
You want to be,

But you can't be
God, until then:

You have to love
Your creations.

- Victor Imari

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Imagine This

To every benefit there is a
price and to every cost too.

~ The Shah of Athabasca

Hanging up on promises sucks. Yet
We can't help but wonder Godness:
Choices have everything to do with
It all. Choice is to fate as decisions

Are the results. Whenever there is
Godness there is goodness almost:

There' a fine line between rumination
And contemplation. Finer than silk...

God lives in all our alien languages;
Our spritiual and secular unities, like
Abandoned sleds by a lakeshore;
Incredibly alike wherever possible.

- Victor Imari (22/03/07)